Your TetherBox is Offline

There can be several reasons for your TetherBox to go offline.

Please follow the following steps to bring the unit back online, or to provide us with the information we need to help you further:

1 of 3: Check the Internet Your TetherBox Cannot Reach the Internet

Check the TetherBox Internet Connection

  • Make sure you are able to get online using the same Internet connection as your TetherBox.
    Important: This step must be performed in the same location as your TetherBox.

Connect your TetherBox directly to the Router

  • If your TetherBox is connected to a switch, try unplugging the TetherBox, moving it to where your router is and connecting it directly to the router. This will bypass any potential faults on the network and help narrow the problem down.

Check the Network Cable

  • Unplug the network cable from the back of your TetherBox and connect it to a laptop or PC to make sure you are able to get online, using the same cable. Please make sure your wifi is off when checking this.
    One common fault is a bad network cable that loses connection when wiggled or when the port heats up during normal operation. Try replacing this cable.
    Note: Some laptops (for example macbooks) require an adapter to connect a network cable to them.

2 of 3: Check the Power Your TetherBox is off or not getting power

Make sure the Power LED is On and Not Blinking

  • Please check the Power LED on the top or front of your unit. If the power LED is off, please press the power button briefly to power the unit on, do not hold the button for longer than 1 second when powering the unit on.
  • Warning: You will also see a green network LED on the back of the unit, please do not rely on this LED as it will be on or blinking whether your unit is switched on or not.
    If your unit does not switch on, or is switching off every few seconds, you likely need a new power supply. Please send us a short video of this happening (see contact details at the footer of this page).

Try Rebooting your TetherBox

  • Open the image on the right to see a short video of the correct process. In short:
    • Press the power button briefly (do not hold the button for more than 1 second)
    • Wait for the unit to power off (allow 1 minute for this to happen)
    • Press the power button again briefly to power back up
    If the TetherBox does not power off after 1 minute, hold the power button for 5 seconds to force the unit to power off (avoid doing this unless absolutely necessary).
    Note: We have several unit types, your unit may differ, but this information still applies.

3 of 3: Something Else is Wrong We need more information

Connect a TV or Monitor to your TetherBox

  • If all of the above failed to bring your TetherBox back online, you will need to connect a monitor or TV to help us diagnose the problem further. Once you connected a TV or monitor, restart your unit and take one or more photos of what it shows during the boot up sequence.
    The example on the right shows a working TetherBox. If you see a login prompt, your TetherBox is likely healthy. If there is some problem, it will show the relavant error to help us diagnose further.
    Note: If you do not have a spare monitor/TV, you may need to physically move your TetherBox near an existing TV to plug it in.

Give us Relevant Information to Help Us Assist You

  • Please take photos of the following:
    • 1. The back of your Router showing manufacturer/model and ports
    • 2. The back of your TetherBox
    • 3. The network switch (if relevant) showing manufacturer/model and ports
    • 4. Overview photos of how everything is connected

  • Please give us any other relavant information:
    • 1. Anything you think could be impacting the operation of the system
    • 2. Are any components making any unusual noises?
    • 3. Is there a UPS/Battery backup?
    • 4. Is this a recurring problem?
  • Please send us the above information so we can help you further. Contact details are available in the footer of this page.